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If you want to purchase a service or a refund through the website we provide through the Amazon Prime app, you should contact Amazon about such service via the URL “Amazon Prime” with respect to “Service Delivery”, “Service Purchase Terms”, “Amazon Payments”, “AusRV Free”, or “Amazon Payments.” You will be encouraged to contact the service provider directly if you are not satisfied with their service, if using a paid service, or if using a different method, and not using similar data or features. In the event you receive a service or payment from Amazon you will be automatically charged the appropriate cost of the service or payment, together with compensation for any services and/or billing. The Amazon service or payment charges are paid by Amazon before the end of the year, and the delivery date of any paid service or payment is determined by Amazon’s rate structure. The Amazon payment method is used by Amazon for fulfillment of deliveries or requests for services and not by third parties. You will be responsible during any delivery as you receive it.


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