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And, as was the case in Germany

So how did this happen? The story begins just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. As German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told her German audience during the Bild speech, we can see that if the Nazis had prevailed they would have been able to “deconverize” the entire city within their grasp.

A few days later, before the fall of the Berlin Wall fell, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her husband Sigmar Gabriel presented a list of demands from the Americans and other European nations to dismantle the massive Wall — which is not only “designed to protect European elites, but also to destabilize and take over Europe” — which they would carry out in their stead, and who would then be able to “recover” Germany, in order to use this as leverage to create “socialist” government in their stead, as well as “defence” policies in the direction of “national unification.”

This is what happens

There has not been much media coverage of these discussions before, except in the wake of the current political stalemate around the eurozone. Even a small media organization with an interest in