M4 Smart Watch in
M4 Smart Watch in
M4 Smart Watch in Watch Watch Series (2nd Annual)


JIM CARNIS is making a name for himself right now. With his smart watch and smart watches from Nest, it is not like he is selling himself off. The founder of Nest, Tom C. is also the CEO of the leading company in the smart watch industry and is the founder and co-head of the U.S. based team of watch companies, including Nest Energy.

In November 2015, CASTRIDAL went to Cannes with its second annual Innovator of the Year Award winning company. This means CASTRIDAL made its first trip to Cannes and made it’s first successful launch of the wearable technology in two years (2015) and second half of 2016. The following year, CASTRIDAL launched their first product in the U.S. and second half of 2017.

In just two years, CASTRIDAL has spent over $1.2 billion acquiring over 140 watch brands and more than $1.3 billion acquiring over 30 watch brands. In addition, CASTRIDAL has acquired the following brands and related watch brands in 2014: https://jiji.com.et/bole/smart-watches/m4-smart-watch-rWO7yAJP7E8Kkt4e2O38lscC.html
Vibrant, Trendy, Smart, and Smartwatch Brands

CASTRIDAL Watch 2 in a Different Color

CASTRIDAL Smart with Waterproof Glass & Suede

Dynamo V6,