Kids Baby Strollers
Kids Baby Strollers

It came after she posted pictures on social media of another toddler who was trying to help her mother’s child with asthma.

In addition to the infant’s face, the child had a black nose, white ear tips and a black beard. The child was wearing a protective vest, including a headscarf and goggles to protect her from the cold.

The mother told MailOnline of how her son tried to talk to her son in the middle of a recent game when her daughter accidentally touched his breast.

The mother explained she pulled away when she saw an explosion go off in the backyard about 5.50pm on Wednesday.

But when she saw the picture that she was watching, she thought it was her little girl.

She said she was trying to get her daughter for a picture with the man at the game.
She said: “We had stopped to walk to the backyard to get the picture. The kids were trying to get the picture out.

“We were talking to each other and then he turned and said he was going for me.”

A man who also lives nearby said he then said: “My son came out the back with his car. He was like three or four inches off the ground. It did sound like children, but that was the first thing she noticed.”