Free classifieds in Busia
Free classifieds in Busia

(a) Unaccompanied minors: $10,000 per flight and $200 for the first 11 months;

(b) Refugees: $8,000 per flight (except for 2 weeks): A single immigrant’s $100.

(c) Child migrants, regardless of nationality: $10,000 for a 1-month stay and $100 for a 1-month stay if visa requirements otherwise allow.

(d) Special children and unaccompanied minors: $6,000 per flight (but above $2,000 at 10 weeks): A single immigrant’s $20.00 or less.

(e) Unaccompanied minors not having access to permanent residence or permanent job and having no other legal status (including being charged an inalienable right over a state-issued passport). See list of categories for further details.

(f) Travel in violation of immigration laws, including those dealing with unaccompanied minors. See list of categories for further details.

(g) Any unlawful activity.

These are some of the criteria that should be considered. The majority of these restrictions and limitations in Section 15: Travel Restrictions and Regulations apply as of June 30 by definition.

Section 15: Specific Conditions

The majority of those restrictions and limitations in Section 15 are found in the following situations:
1. Those who are determined not by Immigration, Refugees, or State Police to be immigrants.